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Tools to Enhance the Patient Experience

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Dental technology has undergone tremendous changes since we first opened our dental office over four decades ago. Thankfully, our team has worked to keep up with all the latest advancements as soon as they develop. Because of this, whenever you come to visit us, you will enjoy state-of-the-art care that is as quick, comfortable, and precise as possible. To come experience the best of new school dental technology along with old school customer service, contact us today.

Intraoral Camera

Digital bite impressions on computer screen

Our intraoral camera allows you and your dentist to stay on the same page at every appointment. This pen-sized instrument enables our team to capture highly detailed images of your oral cavity that we can instantly show you on a monitor right in the treatment room. Now, you will be able to see exactly what your dentist is talking about and thereby gain a deeper understanding of your oral health and the reasons behind any recommended treatments.

Digital X-Rays

Dentist presenting 3D CT scan

X-rays are an essential tool in our dentla office. They enable us to diagnose dental problems even before they are visible to the naked eye. To make sure we do not miss any important details, we have upgraded to fully digital X-rays. They are able to capture images much faster than traditional film. They also display more detail and even emit up to 90 percent less radiation. Plus, we can easily edit the images to make them easier to understand, meaning that you and your dentist can go over them together and take a team approach to your oral healthcare.

Soft Tissue Laser

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Soft tissue lasers are quickly becoming the gold standard for dental care. With them, we are able to quickly and precisely remove gum disease bacteria and cut away infected tissue while causing little to no bleeding, swelling, or pain. That is because the highly concentrated beam of light is able to sanitize and cauterize an area as it goes. Plus, the laser creates almost no heat, sound, or vibration, so patients find it easy to remain comfortable and relaxed throughout their procedure.

TMJ Therapy

Jaw and skull x-rays

Those little hinges that connect your jaw to the rest of your skull are called the TMJ, or temporomandibular joint. The TMJ allows your jaw to move fluidly, but it can sometimes develop dysfunction due to misaligned teeth, injury, or other factors. TMD can cause chronic pain and stiffness throughout the entire face, head, and neck. Our team is able to both diagnose and treat TMJ-related issues in-house. Using specially designed bite adjustments and therapeutic mouthpieces, we may be able to improve your jaw’s function and significantly reduce or even eliminate your pain.

Sedation Dentistry

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We see anxious patients every single day, and in most cases, our warm and welcoming atmosphere is enough to help them let go of their nervousness. For patients with more severe phobia, however, sedation dentistry is available. Using either nitrous oxide or a prescribed medication, we can enable even the most fearful patient to feel relaxed and at ease during their appointments, no matter what kind of procedure they must undergo. Our options are gentle and safe enough for patients of practically any age.

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