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Conservative Care to Safeguard
Your Oral Health

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While other dental offices take a “drill and fill” approach to dentistry, the team at New Haven Dental Group works hard to prevent oral health problems from occurring in the first place. Thanks to our excellent hygiene team and dentists, our patients are in a position to avoid common dental issues year after year so they can spend less time in our dental office and more time enjoying the benefits of a healthy smile. To schedule your next appointment for preventive dentistry in Branford, contact us today.

Why Choose New Haven Dental Group
for Preventive Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

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Thorough checkups and cleanings are one of the key factors in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. We go a step beyond your average dental office with these basic services. In addition to examining your teeth and gums, we will also look at your TMJ (jaw joint) and take X-rays and intraoral photographs so that we are able to spot any signs of decay or damage as early as possible. Then, our hygiene team will give you an invigorating cleaning that removes harmful plaque and tartar from your teeth and gives them a nice polish!

Dental Sealants

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The molars and premolars at the back of your mouth, with their wide and grooved surfaces, are especially susceptible to cavities because they can be quite difficult to clean. However, we can give them a protective shield using dental sealants. We simply apply a clear plastic coating to the enamel, and it hardens into an invisible barrier that stops bacteria and food particles from harming the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Sealants are especially useful for young children.

Nightguards for Bruxism

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Due to stress, structural anomalies, or other factors, some patients experience unconscious teeth grinding while they sleep. Left untreated, this condition, known as bruxism, can quickly wear down and even break the teeth. A nightguard provides a simple and effective solution. A nightguard is a custom-designed oral appliance worn to bed that prevents the grinding and helps stressed facial muscles to relax. Thus, a patient can rest easy and spare their teeth from  damage.

Mouthguards / Sportsguards

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A mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment for athletes of all ages and levels of play — even for those who participate in “non-contact” sports. One-size-fits-all appliances from the store are uncomfortable and offer only a modicum of protection. That is why our team encourages athletes to invest in custom-designed sportsguards. They are shaped to fit snugly around an individual’s unique teeth, leading to a better fit and high quality protection that you can rely on when you are on the court or field.

Oral Cancer Screenings

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Oral cancer is a potentially deadly disease that impacts tens of thousands of lives each year. It is also very easy to miss when it is in its early stages. That is why our team includes a thorough oral cancer screening at every regular checkup. We look out for any suspicious growths, sores, or discoloration in or your mouth. If we find anything, we will help you arrange for further testing so, if necessary, you can begin treatment as soon as possible.

Fluoride Treatments

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Fluoride is nature’s gift to your teeth. When teeth are exposed to this special mineral, it strengthens the enamel and makes it more resistant to decay. We recommend that our patients use fluoridated oral hygiene products, including ADA-approved toothpaste, at home. We can also provide you and your family with a topical fluoride treatment every time you visit us, giving your teeth an extra boost of fortification.

Children’s Dentistry

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Our dental office is over four decades old, which means that many who first visited us as children are now bringing their own little ones to come see us. We enjoy serving the next generation, and our team has experience working with children of all ages and dispositions. Biannual exams and cleanings will help keep your child cavity-free year after year, and our friendly team will bend over backward to make sure they always have a positive experience at the dentist.

Periodontal Therapy

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Missteps in oral hygiene, genetics, and other factors can cause the gums to develop an infection called periodontal (gum) disease. This can lead to serious problems for an individual’s oral and overall health, but we are well-qualified to fight gum disease here at New Haven Dental Group. Using frequent gum checkups, deep cleanings, and targeted antibiotics, we can help patients combat harmful bacteria, regain their oral health, and reduce their risk of gum disease-related complications.

Learn More About Periodontal Therapy

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