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Your misaligned teeth may have plagued you for years, but you have not done anything about them because the last thing you want is a mouth full of metal brackets and wires. For adults in your situation, New Haven Dental Group has the perfect solution: Invisalign® in Branford. Comfortable, convenient, and reliably effective, this remarkable system is the first choice for many individuals around the world who want to achieve straighter, healthier teeth in the most discreet way possible.

Why Choose New Haven Dental Group
for Invisalign® Clear Aligners?

How Invisalign® Works

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Instead of using brackets and wires to move the teeth, Invisalign® utilizes a series of lightweight, clear plastic aligners. You simply wear an individual set for about two weeks for 20 – 22 hours a day before moving onto the next, and once you have gone through the entire series, your teeth should have reached their perfect positions. Throughout treatment, you must attend regular, brief checkups so our team can make sure that everything is proceeding according to plan.

Indications for Invisalign®

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To see if this treatment would work for you, the best thing to do is schedule a consultation with your dentist in Branford. We will perform a brief exam and go over your treatment options. If Invisalign® is one of them, we can get you started on your journey to straighter teeth right away. Some of the issues that Invisalign® can usually address include:

Crowded Teeth

Crowded, overlapping teeth can interfere with proper oral hygiene and cause bite problems. Invisalign® can usually address this issue by shifting the teeth so each one has the space it needs to function optimally.

Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps between the teeth can leave your gums vulnerable to harm, and they can be unsightly. In many cases, Invisalign® is able to gently move the teeth closer together to create a healthier, more attractive smile.

Bite Alignment

“Malocclusion” is a word that can refer to various issues, including overbite, underbite, cross bite, and open bite. Often with the help of accessories, Invisalign® can usually address mild to moderate cases of malocclusion.

The Benefits of Invisalign®

Woman placing Invisalign tray

The many advantages Invisalign® offers make it easy to see why so many patients are choosing it over traditional metal braces:

Understanding the Cost of Invisalign®

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The cost of Invisalign® in Branford depends on numerous factors, including the degree of your dental misalignment and the number of aligners you need. We can provide you with a price estimate during your consultation. Our team will also be happy to help you explore your payment options, such as insurance and low-interest financing. We even offer periodic specials to help our patients manage the financial aspect of their care.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Invisalign®

Close-up of woman’s mouth as she removes Invisalign aligner

Some of the primary factors that influence the cost of Invisalign® include:

  • The number of aligners needed. This is influenced by whether you are straightening one arch or both, the extent of your dental misalignment, and the overall proposed treatment time.
  • Compliance with treatment. Accidentally losing or damaging an aligner could add slightly to your overall costs.
  • Whether any accessories are necessary. Individuals with a misaligned bite may require additional accessories that will increase the total price of their treatment.

Once our team evaluates your unique mouth, we will be able to calculate an estimate for the cost of your personalized treatment.

Invisalign® vs. DIY Aligners: Comparing Your Options

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In recent years, DIY clear aligner systems have risen in popularity. Such services have an attractively low price, often costing around $2,000, whereas Invisalign® usually costs significantly more than that.

Before you order your DIY aligners, though, you should pause to consider what you are getting for your money. With Invisalign®, you get to enjoy the use of aligners made with a patented material. You also get personal support from a local dental team during every stage of your treatment.

With mail-order clear aligners, you do not get that support. In fact, you might even have to take your own teeth impressions; even a small error while doing so could interfere with your final results. Correcting such problems can be quite costly. Plus, the aligners are often made out of basic plastics that are not as subtle or as comfortable as Invisalign® aligners.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Invisalign®?

Dental Plan written on wooden blocks, sitting on tabletop

Some dental insurance policies include a lifetime maximum for orthodontic treatment, which typically covers traditional braces but may or may not apply to Invisalign® in Branford. Our team can help you check the specifics of your benefits to see if they apply. We are also happy to file claims on your behalf and help you understand your coverage. If you cannot use your insurance for Invisalign®, you might consider taking advantage of your flexible spending account (FSA) or healthcare spending account (HSA).

Options for Making Invisalign® Affordable

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As your Invisalign® dentist in Branford, we offer a few useful provisions that may make it easier for you to fit your treatment into your budget:

  • Most patients qualify for low-interest financing through CareCredit.
  • We periodically offer special pricing for patients. For example, you may be able to enjoy a FREE Invisalign® consultation.
  • Essential Dental Plan. This discount plan allows patients to take advantage of lower fees on most of the services we offer.

Would you like to learn more about Invisalign® and its cost? Our team is ready to help you crunch the numbers and get on your way to straighter teeth. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Invisalign® FAQs

Illustration of Invisalign aligner being placed on teeth

Invisalign® in Branford is one of the most convenient and innovative ways to straighten teeth. However, it does represent a significant investment of time and money. It is understandable if you want to gather as much information about it as possible before you commit to anything. To help you out, we have put together a brief list of frequently asked questions about this treatment, along with succinct answers. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like further explanation on anything you read here.

How Long Does Invisalign® Take?

The average treatment time with Invisalign® is 12 months. However, your case may require more or less time — it depends heavily on the severity of your dental misalignment. For some patients with just a little bit of crookedness, they may need to wear their aligners for only 6 months or so. For individuals whose orthodontic problems are more extensive, it could take 18 months or longer to complete treatment. During your consultation with our team, we will be able to estimate how long it will take for Invisalign® to produce your final results.

Does Invisalign® Hurt?

Invisalign® aligners were designed with comfort in mind. They are made out of a patented plastic material that is quite smooth. There are no metal parts to irritate the soft tissues in your mouth.

Of course, it must be kept in mind that orthodontic treatment works because it applies pressure to the teeth. Naturally, this can cause some soreness and discomfort, particularly when you first start Invisalign® or when you switch to a new aligner. Here are a few things you can do to manage any pain that you might experience:

  • Sip on cold water.
  • Switch to a new aligner at night, so you can sleep through the initial part of the adjustment period.
  • Take pain medication if necessary.

Can You Get Invisalign® After Braces?

Some patients are able to get Invisalign® after braces. For example, you might have severe misalignment that Invisalign® cannot correct. You may be able to start out with traditional braces, then transition to Invisalign® later on.

It is also often possible to use Invisalign® years after the completion of braces treatment. If your teeth have begun to drift back out of place, clear aligners may be able to shift them back into their ideal positions.

Who Is a Candidate for Invisalign®?

Generally speaking, candidates for Invisalign®:

  • Are teenagers or adults
  • Have mild to moderate dental misalignment
  • Are committed to wearing their aligners for the recommended 20 – 22 hours each day
  • Adhere to excellent oral hygiene habits
  • Want a treatment that is both effective and discreet

If you are not sure if Invisalign® is a fit for you, visit your cosmetic dentist in Branford for a consultation. We will evaluate your teeth and recommend the best orthodontic solution for your unique situation.

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