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Teeth are remarkably strong. Not just because of their protective shell of enamel, but also because they are rooted in the jawbone. This provides a sturdy foundation that lets you chew and speak with ease. When a tooth is lost, most traditional replacements only restore the part of the tooth you can see. Therefore, such treatments are much less stable and reliable than natural teeth. Dental implants in Branford, on the other hand, bring back both a tooth’s crown as well as its root, providing a replacement that is almost as good as the real thing. At New Haven Dental Group, we may be able to fill in any gaps in your smile using this one-of-a-kind solution. Unlike other dental offices in our area, we can perform every stage of the treatment in one convenient location

Why Choose New Haven Dental Group
For Dental Implants?

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implant in Branford next to a model tooth

Dental implants are comprised of three main parts: an implant post, an abutment, and a final restoration. The implant post is inserted into the jawbone to replace the roots of the missing teeth. These are typically made of titanium, which is a biocompatible material that will fuse with the surrounding bone tissue. This forms a reliably stable foundation for the final restoration on top, which is securely held in place with a small connector piece called an abutment. A dental crown, bridge, or denture can be anchored into place depending on how many teeth you’re missing, and it will be custom-made to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your pearly whites. Rebuilding missing teeth like this restores a smile that looks, feels, and functions just like natural. As such, dental implants are widely regarded as the gold standard of tooth replacement by both dentists and patients.

The Dental Implant Process

Man smiles while getting dental implants in Branford

Dental implants have to be surgically placed into the jawbone. Most other dental offices must refer patients to expensive outside specialist to have this part of the dental implant procedure completed. At New Haven Dental Group, however, we are able to perform the entire implant treatment ourselves in-office. We thus save patients time, money, and stress while they undergo tooth replacement. With us, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being able to work with the same doctor and team throughout your entire dental implant journey.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Model jaw with teeth and dental implants in Branford

If you have lost one or more teeth, there are several different treatments that might be able to fill in the gap and help you once again enjoy a complete smile. Each treatment option has unique advantages, but dental implants offer more — and greater — benefits than other types of tooth replacement. Read on to learn about some of the reasons why dentists and patients alike regard dental implants as the best way to rebuild lost teeth.

Look & Feel Your Very Best

Healthy, confident man with dental implants in Branford

Dental implants themselves are dark in color because they are made out of a titanium alloy. However, they virtually disappear after they are inserted into the bone. The restorations that get placed on top of the implants are carefully crafted to complement a patient’s unique facial features. Their every detail, including their size, shape, and color, is meant to look and feel completely natural. Many people find that the beautiful appearance of dental implants gives them a much-needed confidence boost!

Eat Virtually Anything

Closeup of patient with dental implants in Branford eating an apple

With some types of tooth replacement, including traditional dentures, you must avoid certain foods or take extra precautions when you eat. Dental implants are different. They function similarly to natural teeth and are able to handle virtually any food, whether it is a juicy steak, crunchy raw vegetables, or your favorite movie time snack.

Enjoy Your Restored Smile for a Lifetime

Young woman admiring her new dental implants in Branford

Traditional dentures may last for 5 – 10 years, while a fixed bridge might endure for 10 – 15 years. Over time, repeatedly replacing these types of tooth replacement can become bothersome and expensive. Dental implants boast a much longer life expectancy. In fact, it is not unusual for them to last for a patient’s entire lifetime! The restorations on top of them may also last for many years.

Look Younger

Smiling woman with dental implants in Branford on purple background

Tooth loss leads to bone loss in the jaw. Over time, the bone loss can reach the point where the jaw is visibly smaller than it once was. Plus, the absence of teeth can create a sunken facial appearance that is often associated with old age. Dental implants help to preserve the jawbone and allow patients to retain their face’s natural, youthful facial shape for as long as possible.

Easily Care for Your New Teeth

Man brushing his teeth and dental implants in Branford

Caring for dental implants does not require a lot of time or effort. In fact, in many ways, you can care for them in the same way that you would care for natural teeth. You should thoroughly brush them twice a day and floss once a day. If you have a removable implant-supported prosthetic, you should take it out of your mouth every night to clean it. It is also important that you visit us for twice-yearly checkups so we can ensure that your dental implants are continuing to thrive.

Who Dental Implants Can Help

Young man with dental implant in Branford smiles

No matter how many teeth you have lost, dental implants may be a viable treatment option. One of the following types of restorations might be ideal for you:

Missing 1 Tooth

Diagram of single tooth dental implant in Branford

Instead of using a traditional fixed bridge to replace a single tooth (which requires us to modify the teeth surrounding the gap), we can place an implant-supported crown directly into the empty space without disturbing any of the remaining natural tooth structure.

Missing Multiple Teeth

Diagram of dental implant bridge for missing teeth in Branford

While single implant crowns can be used to restore nonconsecutive missing teeth, just two dental implants can anchor a bridge that replaces up to four teeth in a row. This a conservative and cost-effective solution that delivers fantastic, long-lasting results.

Missing All Teeth

Diagram of implant dentures in Branford

If you are missing all or most of your teeth, or you are tired of your regular denture always slipping out of place, we can use 4 – 6 dental implants to support a prosthetic you never have to worry about. Implant dentures are much more secure than traditional ones, and you can trust their initial fit to endure for many years.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Model implant and money representing the cost of dental implants in Branford

One of the best things about dental implants is that they are so versatile; they can be used to replace practically any number of teeth. Because of this, there is no set price for the treatment — it varies from patient to patient. Before we begin treatment, we will go over all pricing information with you so there are never any unpleasant surprises. While implants may cost a significant amount of money, we believe they are a worthwhile investment!

Preliminary Treatments & Dental Implant Surgery

Young man smiles after getting dental implants in Branford

It is quite common for patients to need some preliminary treatment before they receive dental implants. For example, your implant dentist in Branford might inform you that you require periodontal therapy, a bone graft, or tooth extractions. Each of these services comes with its own price.

The dental implant placement surgery has a separate fee. Its price depends on how many implants we are placing, the type and amount of sedation used, and other factors. We perform this surgery in-house, so you will not have to worry about dealing with the pricing structure of an unfamiliar dental practice.

The Parts of Your Dental Implant

Dentist and patient discussing the cost of dental implants in Branford

Not all dental implants in Branford are the same. Most feature two-piece construction, but some are made out of a single piece. While a titanium alloy is usually the material of choice, implants may also be made out of zirconia or other biocompatible options. The type of implant that we recommend for you will affect the overall price of your treatment. If more than one type of implant might be suitable for your situation, we will clearly explain the advantages of each option before you make a decision about how to move forward.

The Final Dental Implant Restoration

Closeup of restoration for single tooth dental implant in Branford

Whereas a dental implant replaces the root of a lost tooth, its restoration replaces the visible portion of the tooth. Restorations come in several different forms, from single crowns to multi-unit bridges to dentures that replace an entire dental arch. Of course, the different types of restorations come with different price tags.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Dental insurance paperwork for the cost of dental implants in Branford

It is becoming more and more common for dental insurance to cover dental implants. However, some policies still do not. As an insurance-friendly practice, we will help you determine how your coverage applies to your treatment. We can also file claims on your behalf and help you find answers to your insurance questions. If your policy does not provide any help with the implants themselves, it might reduce your out-of-pocket costs for preliminary treatment or your final restoration.

Making Dental Implants Affordable

Model of dental implants in Branford next to dish of coins

In addition to helping you take advantage of your insurance, we offer a few provisions that may assist you in managing the cost of dental implants in Branford:

  • The Essential Dental Plan. This membership plan is designed for patients without insurance. For a reasonable annual fee, you get to enjoy a number of free services, as well as a significant discount on other treatments, including dental implants.
  • CareCredit is a third-party lender that offers convenient low-interest and no-interest payment plans. The majority of patients qualify for this type of financing.
  • Free Consultation.If you are still undecided about whether you want to pursue dental implants, you can find out more about the treatment for absolutely no cost. Simply get in touch with us to schedule your complimentary consultation.
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