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If You Have Dentures, Avoid These Foods

April 22, 2023

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Plate of raw vegetables with dip

It is possible to say many good things about dentures. They are beautiful, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. However, one of their biggest disadvantages is that they lack the strength and chewing power of natural teeth. Therefore, they may require you to make some significant changes to your eating habits. If you have dentures, what foods should you avoid? This blog post provides some helpful examples.

Sticky Foods

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, you might naturally gravitate toward sticky items like caramels and taffy. Sadly, those items can cling to your dentures and be challenging to remove. It is also important to keep in mind that dentures stay in place via natural suction or with the help of a mild adhesive. Sticky foods have the potential to pull your prosthetic teeth right out of place!

Something similar can be said of chewing gum, though there are a few varieties of gum that are safe to use because they are designed specifically for use with dentures.

Food with Small, Hard Parts

Some foods include small, hard parts that can get stuck beneath your dentures and cause irritation to your gums. Therefore, it is best to avoid items like popcorn, nuts, and seeds. If you would like a nutritious snack, you might opt for pitted olives or certain types of berries instead.

Raw Vegetables

Raw vegetables are an excellent source of many nutrients. Unfortunately, they can be quite hard and present challenges to denture wearers, particularly for people who are new to their prosthetic. Making sure your vegetables are well-cooked can allow you to enjoy them without problems.

Some fruits, such as apples, can also present challenges. You can eat them in cooked form or wait until you are more practiced with your dentures to enjoy them

Tough and Chewy Meats

Tough, chewy cuts of meat can be exhausting to eat if you have dentures. Try to choose softer options, like fish, poultry, and slow-cooked meats. If you do try to consume something that is tougher, make sure you cut it into small pieces before placing it in your mouth.

Highly Pigmented Beverages

Coffee, tea, and fruit juices are all delicious, and some varieties even offer health benefits. Unfortunately, though, they contain pigments that might discolor your dentures. Try to enjoy such items in moderation. You should also consume them through a straw so they have minimal contact with your teeth.

What if You Want More Food Freedom?

Dentures are wonderful, but as you can see, they come with a number of dietary restrictions. If you would like to be able to eat virtually anything, ask your dentist if you are a candidate for implant dentures. Because they are anchored in the jawbone, they provide a strong bite force that can stand up to almost any food.

Traditional dentures require you to adjust your diet. Use the above guidance to keep your prosthetic teeth in good shape.

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