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What Should You Do if Your Invisalign Aligner Does Not Fit?

July 14, 2023

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The clear plastic aligners used in Invisalign treatment are custom-made for each patient. Therefore, they should fit snugly but comfortably on the teeth. But what should you do if your Invisalign aligner does not fit? This blog post explains a couple of possible reasons for the problem. It also offers some practical suggestions to help you get your treatment back on track.

You Are Wearing a New Aligner

Fit problems with Invisalign occur most frequently when a patient first switches to a new aligner. It has not yet had time to shift your teeth, so it may feel tight. It might offer some resistance when you try to slide it onto your teeth, and it could even pop out of place after it is in your mouth.

In most cases, this problem is easily fixable with Invisalign chewies. The chewies are soft, spongy cylinders that you should bite down on for 10 – 15 minutes at a time. The gentle pressure can push your aligners into place and keep them there. Your dentist may offer to provide you with some chewies, or you can order them online.

You Are Not Wearing Your Aligners Enough

Invisalign can only do its job when the aligners are on your teeth. You should make it your habit to wear them for 20 – 22 hours each day (the closer to 22 hours, the better). Failure to do so could deprive them of the chance to move your teeth. Therefore, when you switch to the next aligner in your series, it might not fit.

If you suspect that inadequate aligner wear time is causing fit problems with your treatment, you might need to go back to a previous aligner for a while before you move forward.  Of course, you should consult your dentist before you make any decisions about how to handle the situation.

There Is a Problem with Your Aligner

In rare cases, an aligner does not fit because something is wrong with it. There might have been an error in the manufacturing process, or it might have incurred damage at some point. It is also possible that your overall treatment plan needs some slight revisions.

If you believe there is a problem with one of your aligners, let your dentist know. They can order a replacement or suggest another solution.

Your Invisalign aligners should fit perfectly. If one of yours does not, you can count on your dentist to help you find a solution.

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